Roselyn Gadd : Tornado Oral History


Roselyn Gadd : Tornado Oral History


Submitted: May 26, 2005
Roselyn Gadd
Girard, Ohio

My family in Niles was involved with the tornado. My mother was trying to get in touch with my uncle whose house was surrounded by National Guard. Everything in that area was secured by the NG because possessions were scattered everywhere and looters were anxious to take advantage.
My uncle was trapped under his porch with most of his home blown away.
I was so concerned to see my family and friends in turmoil, that I volunteered at the tornado center that was set up at Niles McKinley High School.
The Red Cross had set up a shelter and I worked a reception desk and talked to many tornado victims. I have many stories to share
1. A mother who said she saw her baby beig picked up off the floor by the wind. She grabbed her baby and saved her life.
2. A resident who had his entire home blown away with nothing left but a coffee table and a lace cloth still remaining.
3. A friend of mine from college who was driving in the car with her husband and was killed by the tornado.
4. A man driving a car and had all off the paint pulled off of his car while his father ( a passenger ) accused his son of speeding.
5. My uncle who lost so many belongings , had his wallet returned to him by a telephone repair man who found all the contents in tact atop a phone pole.

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