Dominic Alexander : Tornado Oral History


Dominic Alexander : Tornado Oral History


Submitted: May 19, 2005
Dominic Alexander
Boardman, Ohio

I was working at Squaw Creek Country Club as a bus boy the evening of the storm. I thought it was just another bad thunderstorm which was not uncommon for trumbull, when we were told to hurry and go down to the basement as a precaution. I looked outside and there was quarter size hail falling all over the 9th green which was just next to the club house. After the storm had past, we were told to go home early. I was 18 at the time and I had only a few bucks in my pocket and not enough gas in my 76 cutlass supreme to get me home to the west side in youngstown. The phone lines were down, and hadn't called my parents yet, i figured my mother would be worried sick. I drove home down belmont ave. to fine it was blocked due to downed trees. It was incredible to see the tornado's path which crossed over belmont ave. There wasn't a tree standing in it's path. The trees were uprooted, twisted and mangled. I noticed it just missed the mobile home park, which is still there today. I tried to go down logan way and it was also blocked by downed trees. I ended up going to a little gas station near route 82. The electric was out at the station and we had to hand pump the gas out of the tanks into 5 gallon buckets then pouring the gas into our tanks using funnels. I had just enough money to get enough gas to return home. Finally, I ended up taking route 82 to route 11 to find out my parents didn't even know there was a storm. Well, at least they didn't worry.

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