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050-002-039 tornado E.jpg
Vermillion Ford, owned by George Bumbu, was located in the upper right hand corner of the photograph at the time of the tornado. The top grouping of buildings includes the post office and Newton Lanes.

050-002-013 tornado E.jpg
Youngstown Vindicator, May 4, 1999, “This house sits on the East Branch of the Mahoning River and east of the historical covered bridge which is the oldest covered bridge still standing and being used in Ohio.”

050-002-008 tornado E.jpg
This house was lifted off its foundation and left it in the wake of the tornado.

050-002-007 tornado E_1.jpg
These homes may have been located near Arlington Road or near Morrison and Marshall Avenues in Newton Falls.

050-002-005 tornado E_1.jpg
The house across the street from the VFW hall has been flipped from its foundation.
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