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Postcards: City of Warren

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The postcards in this collection were gifts to the Local History & Genealogy Center from a large and diverse number of donors. They fall into several…

Department of Service Collection


The Department of Service collection came to us as a gift of Gerald Quintiliani, a former employee of the current Engineering, Planning and Building…

Scenes of Trumbull County: Warren


This artificial collection is made up of many smaller collections and single photographs of Warren, Trumbull, County, Ohio.

Churches of Trumbull County


This collection is comprised of many separate donated photos and photo collections.

Warren Library History Collection


This is an open collection of photographs documenting history of the Warren Public Library and its staff.

Henry Harley Koonce Collection


The Henry Harley Koonce (1874-1967) collection included original photographs, copies of original photographs, items cut from newspapers and other…

Mary K. Grant School Photograph Collection


While a teacher at Laird Avenue School in Warren, Ohio, Mary K. Grant collected items about the students she taught and about the staff with whom she…

Contributors: Mary K. Grant

Trumbull County Veterans of World War II

Gene Battista A.jpg

The 74 original photographs in this collection came to the Center in a scrapbook that included no donor information. The scrapbook contained pages…

People of Trumbull County

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This collection is comprised of individual photographs, donated scans of photographs and smaller donated collections of images of people with an…

Florinda McFall Dennison

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This collection came to the Center in a donation from Eric Halliday. It contains many studio portraits and personal photographs of members of the…

Richard W. Cooper Collection

050-016-008 Cooper E.jpg

These photographs are from the collection of Richard W. Cooper, and show images of his late grandfather, Trumbull County Sheriff, Ralph R. Millikin…

Ernest Kee Rodgers Collection


This collection consists of 68 photographs covering a period from before the Civil War to the 1990’s, and including the Kee, Lattin and Rodgers…

Second Christian Church

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Second Christian Church was located at 904 W Market St, Warren, Ohio, at the corner of Market and Mulberry. The original church was constructed in…

Bruce R. McIntyre Collection

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This collection of photos was taken by Bruce R. McIntyre (1888-1962), a commercial and freelance photographer for the Warren district and northeastern…

Dana Musical Institute

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William Henry Dana, son of Junius and Martha Porter Dana, was born June 10, 1846. He served in the 171st and 196th Ohio Volunteer Infantry during the…

Tornado Memory Project

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The Tornado Memories Project was undertaken in 2005 as part of the 20th anniversary commemoration of the tornado that swept through the Mahoning…