Amie Davis : Tornado Oral History


Amie Davis : Tornado Oral History


Submitted: May 31, 2005
Amie Davis
Niles, Ohio

My memories of May 31st 1985 are a bit sketchy at best. I was only 7 years old the day the tornado ripped through our city. My mother, sister and I headed to Waddel Park to pick up my brother. We were not able to find him so my Mom took us to the Dairy Queen with out him. While we were in line at the Brazier a man pulled my Mom's arm and said "lady look at this!" As I peaked out the door I saw the monsterous storm. I understood what it was but I questioned my mother as to what all the smoke was. I understand now that that was the debris cloud. The tornado was so big that it was hard for the adults to tell which way it was moving. After the storm had passed us my mother tried to quickly get us home. Unfortunately every road to our house was blocked. All the phones were down. It was hours before we knew if our home was still standing. Some how we found my brother and a friend of the family who allowed us to stay the night with them. My father was home and was alerted to the tornado by our dog who ran up and down the stairs franticly until my Dad got up. My family was very fortunate. Our home was not damaged and we were all ok. In the days following the storm we were with out power for what seemed like a very long time. I remember all of the neighborhood kids piling into my neighbors Suburban and watching a little black and white TV that ran off the battery. I also remember what looked like Military jeeps and soldiers (Must have been the National Guard) waving to me on our street. The aftermath of the tornado left me with a fear of storms. For years every time it would thunder I would cry. And I am not alone. At the age of 27 my best friend Jenny is still terrorfied of storms. My hope is that even though it has been 20 year since that horrible day in our history that we remember not only the lives that were lost but the spirit of our friends and neighbors when faced with tragedy and never underestimate the power of Mother Nature.

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