T. Milko : Tornado Oral History


T. Milko : Tornado Oral History


Submitted: May 30, 2005
T. Milko
Guyton, Georgia

Graduations were in order, parties being formed, 6pm news weatherman said,"We have a mixed bag of weather out there". It was sun, clouds, rain, hail. Next thing we heard was the roar of the train thru the woods behind us. We went out back,looked to sky & ran down to basement. My mom saying, wait I have to get my purse, it has kids grad money in it. By the time we ran to basement trying to find place to hide, we could see sunshine peering thru the windows & a calm air outside. It was over...fortunately we werent hit, but disaster was imminent. We lived in Newton Falls for 35 years. Never seen anything like it!

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