Frank D. Gibson : Tornado Oral History


Frank D. Gibson : Tornado Oral History


Submitted: May 29, 2005
Frank D. Gibson
Las Vegas, Nevada

I have VERY vivid memories of the Tornado of 1985 , It was my Senior Year @ Lakeview High School , and at this specific time of the tornado I was at work at the Eastwood Mall , at The Dimond Company as a stock clerk , and i remember hearing the Roaring of the Tornado in the back stockroom s if a train was appraoching. i then remember all of the employees at that time running to the back of the store , towards the stockroom in a Scared Panic. At this time i remember hearing my Uncle Jeff ( the store manager ) calling for me , " Frankie ,Frankie " in a tone that I can clearly hear today , a few minutes later It was learned that a deadly twister had just made it way through Niles , Ohio, up Route 422.
Today i am a Proud Father of Two daughters , Courtney 17 and Hannah 2 , I have shared this story and experience with my oldest and someday with Hannah Thank You .

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