Justin J. Hering : Tornado Oral History


Justin J. Hering : Tornado Oral History


Submitted: February 8, 2006
Justin J. Hering
Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

My memories of 1985 are few and far between, as I was only almost 3 years old. However, the night of May 31st I can remember quite clearly. I didn't understand what a tornado was, all I knew at that time was a very bad thunderstorm was coming our way. My parents sent me to my aunts house in Allenwood, PA, just in case the storm hit Milton. As it turned out the storm hit very close to Allenwood itself, within a 1/4 mile of my aunt's house. I've discovered recently it was an F3 at the time. I recall constant thunder and rumbling, and very intense lightning. I remember being very frightened and crying myself to sleep. I was very fortunate that this was the extent of my experience as I understand that others affected by this outbreak had much, much worse of an experience. To this day, any time severe thunderstorms move into my area I become very nervous and can't stop watching the sky.

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