Bruce R. McIntyre Collection


Bruce R. McIntyre Collection


This collection of photos was taken by Bruce R. McIntyre (1888-1962), a commercial and freelance photographer for the Warren district and northeastern Ohio. McIntyre’s photographs were used by various newspapers and magazines including The Tribune, The Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Youngstown Vindicator, as well as others in the region. He operated a photography studio at on Main Street SW in Warren as early as 1921. McIntyre had an interest in area sports and was known to cover local events. In addition to photography, he served as Deputy Sheriff during the late 1930s and early 1940s. McIntyre resided at 459 South SE at the time of his death.

Notes included with the donation indicate that the aerials and photographs of the South Street improvement were not the work of Mr. McIntyre. No additional information is available about the provenance of this collection.

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Christ Episcopal Church.
Christ Episcopal Church on High Street NE with original steeple. Accompanying materials state that the church was located next to the Warren Armory.

Christ Episcopal Church.
Christ Episcopal Church showing new bell tower. The church was located on High Street.

Street scene, West Market Street at Tod Avenue, Warren, Ohio.
Cities Service Oil Company (2401 West Market) faces Zedaker’s Isaly Dairy on the corner of West Market and Tod Avenue. Trolley tracks run through the photo’s the center.

Main Street Bridge.
Main Street Bridge over the Mahoning River.

Construction of Reeves Apartments.
Construction of Reeves Apartments on West Market Street, with Thumm’s bike shop in far center.

Peerless Electric Company, Warren, Ohio.
Looking East on West Market Street along the streetcar tracks, with Peerless Electric to the right.

West Market Street at Austin Avenue SW.
Trolley tracks lead West on West Market and South on Austin Avenue.

South Street at Main.
This scene shows South Street at Main Street prior to its widening, looking East with Erie Railroad engine front and center.

Christmas lights on Pine Street.
Pine Street at night during the holiday season; possibly in the 1960s.

South Street.
South Street after its widening.

First Presbyterian Church on Mahoning Avenue.
First Presbyterian Church is located on the corner of Mahoning Avenue NW, across from Veteran’s Park.

Howland Drive-in Theater.
The former Howland Drive-in opened for business in 1941, making it the first drive-in in the area and one of the first in the nation. It was located on Youngstown Road SE.

Old Erie Station.
The Old Erie Station, at left, was a vital stopping point in downtown Warren for the Erie Railroad as it passed through the city. This is a view of the South Street, looking west from Main Street.

Park Gasoline.
Park Gasoline and Service Company Inc., owned by Lang and Rodkey, was located on the northwest corner of Elm and High Streets.

The Auto Club Tourist Camp, Packard Park..
Packard Park is located on Mahoning Avenue NW in Warren, Ohio.

The Auto Club Tourist Camp.
Warren’s Packard Park was a popular tourist camp, promoted by the Warren Auto Club in the 1930s and 1940s. The park was engineered and designed by W. D. Packard, who left the park to the city and who left funds in his will to build the Packard…

West Market Street at South Street.
West Market Street looking east toward the intersection with South Street. Land markers indicate Oakland Sales and Service and Miller’s Tires.

South Street from Erie Railroad Station.
Looking east along South Street from Erie Station before the widening of the road.

West Market Street at South Street.
West Market Street, looking east at the point of intersection with South Street.

Cities Service Oil Company, Central Filling Station.
The Central Filling Station was located at 2401 W. Market, on the corner of East South Street and South Park Avenue, Warren, Ohio.

The Colonial Hotel.
South Street at Pine Avenue looking East with the Colonial Hotel on the left and the Erie Railroad tracks in the center. The Colonial Hotel was located at 253 Pine Street SE.

Griswold Department Store on Main Street.
Main Street in downtown Warren in 1912, looking south from West Market.

Park Candy Company.
Interior of the Park Candy Company, Warren, Ohio.

Residence of Ida and Walter Painter.
Home of Walter and Ida Painter on Parkman Road, Warren, Ohio.

Harris-Warren Theater.
Onlookers at the promotion of the “Horse Movie” outside the old Harris-Warren Theater, located in Warren’s old Opera House.

Detail of the Trumbull County Court House.
A statue is lowered from the roof during repairs made to the Trumbull County Court House during renovation for the U.S. Bicentennial.

Warren police officers and motorcycle.
Five members of the Warren Police Department shown with motorcycle and sidecar on High Street NE.

William A. Korth.
William A. Korth was the manager of the Warren Auto Club.

Jack McFadden.
Jack McFadden, Warren race car driver.

Warren Fire Department.
Fire Department members pose on their new 1929 American La France 200 Master Series engine. On the running board stands D. K. Moser, Fire Department Chief from 1898-1931.

Warren Auto Club.
The Warren Auto Club was located in the Hippodrome Building, 162 High Street. Included is the wrecker from Armstrong Motor Sales.

Frank Lausche and Trumbull County officials.
In this photograph, long-time Ohio Governor and U. S. Senator Frank Lausche poses with Trumbull County officials on the courthouse steps.

Warren Automobile Club on High Street NE.
People line up to obtain auto tags at the Warren Automobile Club on High Street NE.

Newsboys at Niles Evening Register.
Newsboys assemble for a photo outside the Trumbull News Company, Niles, Ohio.

The Masonic Temple at the corner of Pine and East Market Street.
The Masonic Temple, located at the corner of 112 Pine Street and East Market Street.

The Warren Opera House.
The Warren Opera House, High Street, looking East from Harmon Street. Central Christian Church can be seen in the background.

The First Methodist Church.
The First Methodist Church on High Street later became a theater.

Monument Park.
Looking east from the Mahoning River to Monument Park.

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