Mary K. Grant School Photograph Collection


Mary K. Grant School Photograph Collection



While a teacher at Laird Avenue School in Warren, Ohio, Mary K. Grant collected items about the students she taught and about the staff with whom she worked. Her donation to the Center consists of approximately 270 items, including photographs, programs, photocopies of articles and miscellaneous other items. Ms. Grant did not identify many of the individuals in her photographs before the collection came to us, and the unidentified photographs are not included here. Those wishing to see additional unidentified photographs may call ahead at (330) 388-8807 ext. 220 for an appointment to view them in person in the Center.


Mary K. Grant

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6th grade class photograph including Mrs. Jean Sharlock and Mrs. Mary K. Grant.
Mrs. Jean Sharlock can be seen second from the left in the third row; in the same row Mrs. Mary K. Grant is found second from the right.

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